Every day we want to wear what truly expresses our authenticity, Alexander Smith shoes celebrate the uniqueness of each person.

The manufacturing of our collections is mainlyentrusted to family-run companies, which pay great attention to quality andcare for details in the product, respecting the best working conditions. Thestrong link with the manufacturers allows us to constantly monitor theproduction process of our collections, ensuring that we achieve the highestquality. In order to avoid overproduction which, besides being costly in terms ofenvironmental impact, also exceeds market demands, we are committed toproducing only the required quantities we need at the right time.

To achieve the highest quality standards, weonlyrely on suppliers who ensure that the raw material they provide iscertified according to European laws and that it guarantees the comfort andaesthetics of the product. We establish a long-term relationship with oursuppliers, which is initiated after a careful selection process. The researchand experimentation of new materials encourage us to always keep up with thepresent, without losing sight of the goals of the future and allowing us at thesame time to establish collaborations with companies that develop highlysustainable materials.

The philosophy that we have embraced and upon which we have developed an ambitious growth plan is aimed at creating a more sustainable world through the reduced impact of footwear production on the environment.